I am interested in starting my own podcast. How can Dymic help me do that?

Great question! Click here and fill out questionnaire so we can learn a little bit about you. We will set up a time to discuss all the ways Dymic.fm help you create a top notch podcast.

I am not a good public speaker. Will that still work?

Yes! We have a specific program to help guide people through the process of becoming better public speakers and alleviate that concern. We developed this plan with that exact situation in mind.

I have very little time to work on and promote a podcast. Is it worth it?

Dymic.fm can do most of the work for you. We mail you all the equipment, then you just sign in from your computer to record and we take care of the rest! From show layout, to editing, marketing, etc. Dymic does all the work!

Will this work for my business, or is this just for fun?

Making a podcast can indeed be fun, but also an awesome marketing strategy for your brand as well! In fact, podcasts are now a massive avenue to grow your following and generate more revenue for your business.

Will I need to go into a studio constantly to record?

Nope! We send you the gear and you record everything from your computer with our help. Get comfy and let’s make this podcast in the comfort of your own home!